You’re a phantom, a wide-eyed ghost

Leaving nothing but tracks in the snow

They’ll hunt you down, spears and flame

Behind their backs as they call your name


//Come out, darling,

Out of your den

Say good evening

To these gentlemen

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This is what my anxiety over how I relate to people feels like:
Walking in snow.
Sometimes it’s just deep drifts, smooth, new – beautiful, even.
But every step forward I make is a step into untouched territory,
And I’m never sure whether or not my footing will hold.
Other times, it’s a blizzard.
It’s new territory,
And it’s coming at me from all directions at once,
And buffetting me,
And not only am I unsure of every battled step forward
But I can’t even see where I’m going.
Winter Walking – Stacia Joy