You’re a phantom, a wide-eyed ghost

Leaving nothing but tracks in the snow

They’ll hunt you down, spears and flame

Behind their backs as they call your name


//Come out, darling,

Out of your den

Say good evening

To these gentlemen

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And then one day, I found out I could cry.


It wasn’t what I wanted, what I longed for so badly I couldn’t breathe some nights as I lay there clutching my blanket, wishing with all my heart as I stared at the black, blank ceiling. I wanted the sunshine, I wanted it inside me, to fill that airless hollow among my ribs where all my feelings had been roughly scooped out by everything we’d been through.

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I finally took that deep breath

And fanned up all those words that I’d kept back for so long that I’d forgotten

How much they hurt,

Having let them burn so deeply and thoroughly into my chest that it was reduced

To just a charred chamber where they seeped,


In the blackened cores of my ribs.

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