To those of you who have expressed concern for my well-being since the release of this collection:

Thank you for your concern. I appreciate the fact that you are looking out for me. However, I wish to alleviate your fears. Not only are the majority of the pieces in the collection up to four years old (so they do not necessarily refer to my current condition, though at the time of their conception they were very real) but I now have a very good support system in place and can confidently say I am healthier and safer feeling than I have felt in a long time.

My intention in making BARE BONES public was to fight against the taboo society places on topics like mental and emotional health, as well as the stereotypes that are all-too-often assumed by many when the topics are brought up. Poor mental health doesn’t automatically mean someone who drools, pulls out their hair, and wants to murder people (though some cases of mental health do include these tendencies). It means me. It means your barista. It means the homeless woman on the corner. It means your boss. It means people who have steady jobs and broad smiles and tics that you always tease them about – like not wanting to be hugged from behind or needing you to text them at least five times a week but no more than fifteen. It means people who cry every day and also are phenomenal dancers or mathematicians or who know how to be the life of the party or can make burgers like nobody’s business.

So I am glad that you reached out to me and expressed concern. But don’t stop there. BARE BONES, though written through my eyes, is not about me. Reach out to the other people in your life who may not be doing well. Or reach inside yourself and let some emotional or mental skeletons out of the closet.

Having poor emotional or mental health is not shameful. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t shame.

Let’s talk about this.


~ Stacia Joy