When my little brother ran away from home

I raced after his tracks, alone, through the snowy fields behind our house.

Tripping on the boots I’d pulled on wrong, no gloves, no scarf to cover my throat,

I screamed his name over and over and over,

Wondering how the stars could be so beautiful

At a time like this.


When my little brother ran away from home

I turned on the men in uniform.

My coat open, hands bare and empty, I had nothing but my voice to use

To try and force from them word of whether my brother was safe or not,

Wondering how it was that only justice came,

With lights flashing, guns on hips,

At a time like this –

When what was really needed was grace.


When my little brother ran away he took home with him,

And I slept in a strange bed,

Only to return to a stranger’s house.

Mouth shut, eyes dry, hands clenched,

I stood in the robbed sepulcher through the door on the right at the end of the hall,

Staring at the window I’d found open to that starry frozen night

And wondering how life went on

At a time like this.



HOME RAN AWAY – Stacia Joy



I asked her why she held on so

To things that she knew could hurt her.


She said It’s like a nettle.

Hold tight, you won’t feel the pain.

She said It’s like a rattler,

Hold tight, you won’t feel the fangs.


I asked her why she held on so

To things that she knew would exhaust her.


She said Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes,

I’ll be tired till the day I die.



GRIPPED – Stacia Joy

At your word I’ll drop and give you

Fifteen Sequences of Relayed Action:

A One-Person Play In Multiple Perspectives Starring One Role-Shifting Actor

With an ease

And bare-faced revel and snark

That will have you laughing

Or sitting stiff and suddenly insecure,

Or blushing

As I enthusiastically fiddle over the sight of your genuine remark going up in flames.


I can react to anything.

The action is everything

Because acting is something

I’ve always done.

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And then one day, I found out I could cry.


It wasn’t what I wanted, what I longed for so badly I couldn’t breathe some nights as I lay there clutching my blanket, wishing with all my heart as I stared at the black, blank ceiling. I wanted the sunshine, I wanted it inside me, to fill that airless hollow among my ribs where all my feelings had been roughly scooped out by everything we’d been through.

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